Zion in mid-Autumn 3: Misc.

Zion AU16-272

In my last post, I discussed a hike I took in Zion National Park on the Riverside Walk trail. Before taking that hike, I attempted some shots of the so-called the Towers of Virgin behind the Zion Human History Museum. The western sky was covered by a thin layer of clouds which refused to light up at dawn, so it didn’t work out very well:

Zion AU16-262

There was a smidgen of color in the eastern sky:

Zion AU16-268

After my hike along the Riverside Walk, I returned to the Pa’rus trail, which follows along side the Virgin River near the campgrounds and Visitor Center. There was some nice fall color in spots in this area of the park:

Zion AU16-225

Zion AU16-228

Zion AU16-231

Zion AU16-234

Zion AU16-237

Zion AU16-238

Zion AU16-239

Zion AU16-236

Zion AU16-240