Afternoon Jaunt to Eel River Valley, Etc.

Northcoast Misc. WI13-535

On a mild winter afternoon, when, after weeks of sunny days, the northcoast finally enjoyed a sky dotted with clouds, large and small, I ventured forth to explore, camera in hand, the lower Eel River valley, before heading toward the South Jetty of Humboldt Bay. The afternoon’s itinerary looked like this:

Screen shot 2014-02-12 at 6.20.47 PM

First I drove down to make a quick stop to Fernbridge, the largest cement construction bridge still in use. I took a few snaps, including some infrared shots:

Northcoast Misc. WI13-530

South County Infrared WI13-20-Edit

South County Infrared WI13-30-Edit

From there I drove to Crab Park, a small beach area accessed by a country road driving through dairy farms that make up most of the Eel River Valley. The beach was nothing much, but the road there was picaresque, particularly with the sky decorated with puffs of clouds:

Northcoast Misc. WI13-547

Northcoast Misc. WI13-553

Northcoast Misc. WI13-554

Northcoast Misc. WI13-555

Northcoast Misc. WI13-559

Curiously, near the end of the road, the wires on the telegraph poles were cut. They hung straight down, swinging now and again in the breeze:

Northcoast Misc. WI13-551

I headed off for the South Jetty, climbing on a ridge on Table Bluff and winding down to the long spit that takes one to the entrance into Humboldt Bay. On the Jetty there were puddles, perfectly clear and lucid, despite the rather sharp wind that cut through the channel:

Northcoast Misc. WI13-560

Northcoast Misc. WI13-563

The sun was setting on the other side of the jetty wall, the side facing the open sea (rather than the channel). With the clouds, the sunset was better than those cloudless sunsets we’ve been getting as a matter of routine this winter:

Northcoast Misc. WI13-566

Northcoast Misc. WI13-567

Once the sun had set, is why time to hurry home, before the gate at the entrance to the South Spit closed for the night.