Humboldt Bay 9: North Jetty

North Jetty AU12-107

At the end of the north spit we find the north jetty, which, along with the south jetty, forms the channel leading from the Pacific Ocean into Humboldt Bay:

Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 6.25.58 PM

The north jetty contains the a decrepit walkway flanked on the ocean side by a small wall with large rocks leading to the ocean:

North Jetty AU12-31

North Jetty WI12-54

North Jetty AU12-32

North Jetty AU12-19

North Jetty AU12-18

North Jetty AU12-94

North Jetty AU12-105

The rocks which make up the side of the jetty facing the channel into Humboldt Bay make a nice place to shoot both long and short exposures of the swelling waves, especially at sunset or sunrise:

North Jetty WI12-250

North Jetty AU12-229

North Jetty AU12-98

North Jetty AU12-91

Samoa Dunes AU12-8

At the Pacific Ocean side of jetty there is a beach of sorts, which contains what appears to be pieces of a ship that came to ground here:

North Jetty AU12-111

Since the jetty reaches out into the Pacific Ocean, you can photograph the waves coming shoreward from a perpendicular point of view:

North Jetty WI12-49

North Jetty WI12-48

North of the jetty are a series of grass covered dunes:

North Jetty AU12-34