Glacier National Park 11: Lake McDonald

Glacier SM14-1412

The final stretch of Going-to-the-Sun-Road on the western side of things passes along Lake McDonald, the largest body of water in Glacier National Park. The Lake McDonald valley resides on the western side of the park, which tends to be wetter and much less windy than the eastern section of the park. It’s also lower elevation (by more than 1,500 feet), and is therefore often warmer (at least in the summer). However, on the September day in which I traversed from the St. Mary to Apgar (on the far western shore of Lake McDonald), there was quite a bit of a breeze going on, which led to somewhat ruffled, turbulent waters on the lake itself:

Glacier SM14-1250

Glacier SM14-1251

Glacier SM14-1261

Glacier SM14-1262

To smooth out these waters a bit, I took a few long exposure shots:

Glacier SM14-1255

Glacier SM14-1260

Glacier SM14-1257-Edit

Much of the southern side of Lake McDonald, which is easily accessible from Going-to-the-Sun-Road, is lined with rocks, some of them colorful, and which look quite beautiful through the astonishingly clear, translucent waters of this fresh mountain lake. However, on that particular day, the winds were too much to get a clear glimpse at the rocks below:

Glacier SM14-1406

As the afternoon waned, the winds let up, particularly on the west side of the lake, creating a wonderful mirror in which to reflect the cloud choked sky and the distant ridges of the continental divide:

Glacier SM14-1409

Glacier SM14-1412

Glacier SM14-1423

Glacier SM14-1274

Glacier SM14-1280

Glacier SM14-1443

Glacier SM14-1465

Glacier SM14-1488