Lassen in Spring 3: From Emerald Lake to Chaos Crags

Lassen SP15-419

In the first post of this series, I discussed Manzanita Lake. In the series’ second post I discussed Sulphur Works. In this post, we will discuss the highlights of what lies between these two places on Route 89 that passes through the park:

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 7.09.29 PM

We start with so-called Emerald Lake—which perhaps should have been called “green” lake, but emerald sounds nicer:

Lassen SP15-160

Lassen SP15-432

From there, we go to Helen Lake, which basks under the watchful gaze of Mount Lassen. In the springtime, it’s usual for Helen Lake to be frozen over:

Lassen SP15-136

Lassen SP15-145

Lassen SP15-199

Once we pass through the Mount Lassen area of the park, we begin to descend through a series of switchbacks. That’s when Reading Peak comes into view:

Lassen SP15-479

Then we pass by Upper Meadow:

Lassen SP15-200

Then after passing miles through forested areas, with vista views to the east, we come upon Hat Lake:

Lassen SP15-76

Lassen SP15-74

The final highlight before reaching Manzanita Lake area is Chaos Crags and Chaos Jumbles:
Lassen SP15-321

Lassen SP15-516

Lassen SP15-519