Architecture in Infrared

Elk River Valley Infrared WI16-2-Edit

Last year I did two posts involving buildings — i.e., architecture — shot using a camera converted only to capture light in the infrared part of the spectrum. Below are the images of architecture — buildings, shacks, barns, structures of any sort — shot with an infrared camera thus far in 2017:

North Spit Infrared WI16-3-Edit

Northcoast Infrared WI16-8-Edit

Northcoast Infrared WI16-11-Edit

Northcoast Infrared WI16-10-Edit

Infrared Architecture WI16-3-Edit

Infrared Facade WI16-18-Edit

Infrared Facade WI16-29-Edit

Northcoast IR WI16-15-Edit

Trinidad Infrared WI16-4-Edit

Del Norte Infrared SM17-16-Edit

Del Norte Infrared SM17-18-Edit

Northcoast IR WI16-11-Edit

Infrared SP17-16-Edit

Elk River Valley Infrared WI16-54-Edit

Infrared SM17-1-Edit