Reflections on the Salt River

Salt River AU16-65

One day while driving around northeast of Mesa, Arizona looking to scenic places for photography I stumbled across some cliffs along the Salt River. There was a parking area, known on Google Maps as the “Salt River Tubing Dropoff,” which is a half mile down river from Saguaro Lake. This turned out to be a nice place for photography, featuring the Salt River and some nice cliffs reflected therein. In mid-autumn, when I was there, the river is quite low — so no tubing! Here’s a satellite image of the area, with GPS locations of photos I took on two separate evenings at the location:

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 7.18.06 PM

This appears to be a popular spot for portrait photographers (for whatever reason), as both times I went there, I found photographers there shooting portraits with the Salt River and cliffs as a background. In any case, here’s a short sampling of the images I took at this place:

Salt River AU16-30

Salt River AU16-57

Salt River AU16-61

Salt River AU16-86

Salt River AU16-1

Salt River AU16-8

Salt River AU16-16

Salt River AU16-25

Salt River AU16-21